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The Conti Collection

The new CONTI collection of shower trays has originated  from the need to combine innovative design with functionality and solve the frequent technical problems related to this kind of products.​​​​​​​

The Patent

Our shower tray product  is patented for its exclusive and innovative design and the lifting system of the upper surface,  which ensures easy and quick cleaning of the lower housing tray and the collector filter.​​​​​​​


The shower tray consists of two marble parts, each one reinforced by a steel plate to prevent breakage, and the lifting mechanism of the marble cover top is entirely made in AISI 304 stainless steel.​​​​​​​

Shower Tray LifTop

The LifTop model is an elegant infinity edge shower tray, much less slippery than usual, where  water, thanks to a gentle pyramid inclination of the upper cover top, conveys into the drain channel along its entire perimeter. Feet rest on a wet surface that is never flooded and so potentially less slippery, as occurs with the standard hollowed out shower tray where the slow flow of water mixed with the detergent foam  makes the surface slippery.​​​​​​​

The main innovations of this collection of shower trays are located on the lower housing tray:

A collector filter to prevent clogging which is frequent with standard shower trays caused by hair and soap, etc..

A lift assist mechanism for the upper top to easy and speed up the cleaning of both the lower housing surface and the filter, and simplify  the  inspection of the drain.

Rectangular or square


Solid housing plan 2 cm thick Upper top 2 cm thick


Installation is flush or above the floor according to the customer’s requirements.

Each shower tray LifTop is a unique piece, numbered and filed.

to request the shower tray LifTop in  the size and type of marble you prefer.​​​​​​​

Bidet Shower Tray Geyser

The bidet shower tray Geyser  has been designed to replace the bidet or take its place where it is not provided, and proves to be an elegant  and functional solution with the same innovations as in the LifTop shower tray.

With the Geyser model, you have the opportunity to enjoy every comfort for personal hygiene even  in small bathrooms, and  it is intended for the use in the residential and hotel sectors or healthcare facilities.

The water sprayed from the floor shower head  placed on the tray surface reproduces SPA wellness sensations which make washing oneself more pleasant.

Daily benefits are significant, from the possibility of washing oneself  quickly and partially,  to its easy use by elderly people or with motor disabilities in complete autonomy.

Children will enjoy it as an irresistible water game and the shower time will turn into  a moment of real happiness.

Rectangular or square


Solid housing tray 10 cm thick Upper tray 2 cm thick

Note: Standard shower head in steel also available in the same marble as the tray upon request.

Sit-on or floor-level installation according to customer  requests.

Each Bidet shower tray Geyser is a unique piece, numbered and filed.

to request the Bidet shower tray Geyserin the size and type of marble you prefer.​​​​​​​

Materials Available

White Carrara


Pink Portogallo

Yellow Siena

Yellow Atlantide


Pierre Grise

France Red

Marquinia Black

To meet the needs of our customers, EVER MARMI also produces shower trays in other materials and sizes on request.

Standard Dimensions

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