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In the early 20th century, in the small village of Macerata Feltria, on the enchanting hills of the historical territory of Montefeltro on the border between the Marches and Emilia Romagna regions, the young sculptor Sigismondo Picchi started to give life to his creations by transforming rough blocks of white Carrara and Bardiglio Poroto marble, to name a few, into true works of art. He soon became famous and sought-after in all Montefeltro and received the most varied requests, like statues, memorial statuary, fountains, baptismal fonts, memorial stones, sacred and funerary images, which are still existing and also provide historical insights of the feelings of the Italian people of the time.
During the first post-war years, he was now an expert sculptor and his son Mario began to work in the family’s handcraft workshop where he learnt the proper use of the different tools and inherited all the secrets of the profession. Because of the ever increasing number of orders from the construction and ornamental stone sectors , the first handcrafted works were gradually replaced by those manufactured with the help of the first cutting and dressing machinery available on the market.
Towards the end of the 1960s, the young nephew Adalberto Conti joined his uncle Mario and maternal grandfather’s workshop. He there developed his passion for the work and acquired all manufacturing techniques. And so, in the mid 1970s, Adalberto opened his own workshop. At the height of the economic and construction boom, Adalberto received many orders from the public and private construction sectors and he was compelled to purchase machines. However, he remained an artisan. Adalberto’s creativity and passion ingrained in his DNA, along with his distinctive tenacity and vision, allowed him to turn his workshop into a business at the end of the 1990s. Today Adalberto’s sons run the business with him and he is passing on the love for natural marble and stone working to the latest generation according to the old family tradition. And it is here thanks to the new generation that today Ever Marmi Srl conceives and designs new and modern products by transforming the creativity of this family, which has always known the materials and the best working processes for excellent results, into elegant and natural products capable of enhancing all interiors.

Sigismondo Picchi, 1892​​​​​​​

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